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Notice to international customers

Hello, this is Rafa from Nara Prado. I would just like to make an announcement to our clients.
We lost once again our main communication channel which was our instagram @narapradodesign. The instagram deleted our account because of reports of intellectual property violations. We have a Leatherface bag and it was reported. We had been reported months ago forced to remove from the site also Ghostface which was one of our main bags.
In fact we believe that we are suffering attacks by people who do not want us to continue with our brand, every week we have suffered curses and we had to restrict the comments on our instagram, they already made instagram and shopify remove our bags from the air and yesterday we suffered another attack, they denounced our Leatherface bag.
The instagram deleted our account because it was the second time we were denounced and we are with our communications reduced. We still have our Facebook, our website and our e-mail:
Since last year we have experienced constant attacks on our networks, the focus is to denounce the bags with characters.
But why should someone who has the power to take our site and page offline, need to worry about a bag from a craftswoman who sells only a few units per month and takes a few hours to make each bag.
When they denounce us for making a character, they forget about the other brands that have the same character manufactured in China in large quantities.
Why is it that only our handmade work is denounced?
Nara spends more than 8 hours a day sewing and to see this work being denounced for hatred and xenophobia is something that makes us very sad.
If we can't get our instagram back, we will make another one, and start all over again. Open orders are being sent out as normal and we will continue.
Nara and Rafa

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